5 ways to improve your running stamina

Whether you've just started running or you already have a few 5Ks under your belt, there's one area runners can always improve on: stamina (that would be your ability to actually go the distance). We're not talking speed here, but rather, endurance — the ability to run longer without feeling completely bushed at the end.

5 ways to improve your running stamina

It's certainly easier said than done, as anyone who's tried to add time or distance to a run knows (one mile can feel like 100 if your body isn't ready for that extra bit!). What you need is advice from a runner who really knows what she's doing — so, we tapped Danielle Hopkins, a running instructor and the group fitness manager at Equinox, for some words of wisdom. Follow her expert advice on your next run, and you'll be amazed how long you can last.

Run With Other People

"Runners tend to go solo a lot. There's nothing wrong with that, but running with others will keep you accountable," says Hopkins. "I used to meet a friend at 6 a.m. twice each week to run. Knowing she was there waiting for me created accountability and kept me from hitting the snooze button. I also picked her as my running buddy because she was a touch faster than me. By using her to pace me, I was able to shave 15 seconds off my 10K splits. Use the group dynamic to push you to perform."

Recently, a study came out saying if you just lift your gaze and focus on the finish line (or an end point), your run will feel shorter and easier. When researchers had study participants walk 20 feet towards a finish line while wearing ankle weight, the people who focused on a traffic cone at the finish line though the distance was short, walked faster, and thought the whole exercise was easier than those who looked wherever they wanted throughout the exercise. Basically, focusing on your end goal won't quite make your run easier, but it will trick your mind into thinking it's easier. Win! Source

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