9 Hangover Hacks To Get You Through The Day

9 Hangover Hacks To Get You Through The Day

Last night you went out to dinner with your friends, declaring it would be a "one drink" kinda night before you even opened the menu. You all nodded —"Yes, yes, one drink, it's a Tuesday after all." But man, a bottle really goes fast when it's all divvied up. And then the hors d'oeuvres were so rich and savory, you decided it would be rude to wash them down with tap water.

When your waiter asked if you'd like to order another bottle, you and your friends sat silently, unblinking, waiting for someone to bite the bullet and place the order. You ended the stand-off and ordered "just one more, please" becoming the silent hero of the table. By the time you scooped the last few bites of your entree into your wine-stained mouth, the group conversation had turned from catch-ups to heady philosophy. "If the Tardigrades are from Mars, and we're from Tardigrades, are we from Mars? And if so, does that make us Martians?"

You all looked at each other again. Another bottle would be required to consider the extraterrestrial possibilities. And by the time that third bottle arrived, "Tuesday: the early-in-the-week non-fun day," had become "Tuesday!: the perfect night for too much wine and mental exploration of the universe." To infinity and beyond! Source

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