6 Must Have Pictures to get of the Bride

6 Must Have Pictures to get of the Bride

Getting all dolled up If you can, get to your bride before her mascara is on and long before she slips on her heels. During hair and makeup, she’s usually surrounded by the most important women in her life and it’s some of the most peaceful moments of the whole day.    Be a quiet, non-disturbing observer as she puts on her earrings or adjusts a sleeve. These are the moments you will love to capture. 

Wedding Photography — Start to Finish
Today is part 5 of 10
Navigating the journey of wedding photography from engagement session through thank-yous
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  • All About the Little Things — Details of the Day
  • Wrapping it up with kindness and care

A glamour shot There’s only one day that your bride will ever dress up this fancy and have the entire day be all about her and her groom.  She’s got the makeup, the dress and a little bit of excitement and anxiety. Grab a moment with her alone and snap a few pictures of her in this moment.  Have fun with it and try to capture as many details from the day with it as well – flowers, jewelry, dress details, etc. (We’ll talk more about detail shots in Part Nine!).

Candids tell the story More than anything else the candid moments are guaranteed to make your couple happy!   Dancing, laughing, messing up vows or wiping cake from her nose – these and a thousand other candid moments are going to happen. They’re some of my favorite images and some of my clients’ favorites, too!

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