Healthy Dorm Room Recipes — Say goodbye to the freshman fifteen!

Ah, college life. There’s nothing like it: the long-awaited freedom, the endless nights at the library, the anything-goes frat parties... and the campus food. Although some colleges have stepped up their game in recent years, with many more offering vegan, gluten-free, and other diet-specific foods, it's not necessarily the cafeterias that do you in—what you snack on back at the dorm matters too. According to one study, students aren't even eating one serving of fruit and vegetables daily.

Healthy Dorm Room Recipes — Say goodbye to the freshman fifteen!

We're here to help you ace nutrition and give your body what it needs not only to perform in class but also to enjoy all the fun stuff. When the dining hall just won't do, make one of these recipes instead of reaching for ramen. All call for a minimal number of wholesome ingredients, most of which are things you will use again (if an item such as a spice seems worthless to buy for one recipe, omit or replace it). The fanciest equipment you may need is a microwave, a knife, and a cutting board. And the directions are like that intro to acting class—easy A.

1. Canadian Bacon ‘n’ Cheese Muffin
2. Clean Eating Dorm Room Pancakes
3. One-Bowl Microwave Scrambled Eggs
4. Blueberry Maple Refrigerator Oatmeal
5. Vanilla Yogurt and Berry Parfaits
6. Microwave Poached Eggs
7. French Toast in a Cup
8. 5-Minute Vegetarian Burrito Bowl
9. Quinoa Salad
10. Riceless Risotto With Peas and Rosemary

27. Cranberry Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bark
A plain old dark chocolate bar just not cutting it? Jazz it up by melting it in the microwave and stirring in cranberries and pistachios for a triple-threat of antioxidants. The red and green from the fruit and nuts look like little jewels embedded in the chocolate, making the end product as gorgeous as it is healthy.

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